Tom & Jerry Double
Tom & Jerry Double
Item# LCCT012

Product Description

Tom & Jerry Double
Tom & Jerry

Light Switch & Power Outlet Duplex Plate Cover 4.5" x 4.5"

You can choices for:

Double Toggle light switch plate

Double Rocker light switch plate

Double Power Outlet Duplex plate

Toggle(L)-Rocker(R) switch plate

Rocker(L)-Toggle(R) switch plate

Toggle(L)-Outlet(R) switch plate

Outlet(L)-Toggle(R) switch plate

Rocker(L)-Outlet(R) switch plate

Outlet(L)-Rocker(R) switch plate

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Cover plates are created by hand using the art of decoupage and High Gloss.

All our Plate cover was UL Certified

They are washable with a damp towel or rag.

All screws are included (not colored).

Custom made
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